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Your project

Start by booking a session with our interior designer. She’ll introduce you to our collections and together you can create a tailor-made project.

Ten days after your initial appointment, you’ll be presented with a complete study, including drawings, perspectives and cost.

Once you’ve agreed to the project, we’ll go to your home or business to survey the space and take precise measurements. With this information, we’ll draw up the technical plans and details needed to deliver your order. You can also give these plans to builders or architects hired for any work needed prior to installation.

Allow 10 to 12 weeks’ fabrication time, plus one to three weeks for installation, depending on the project’s complexity of or if previous work is required.

Managing your project

We will gladly accompany you through all phases of work.
We are also available to meet with the companies responsible for any preliminary work and will verify the job once it’s finished.

Installation & maintenance

Our technical team works under the supervision of the project manager. Our installation experts know our products inside out and will ensure a perfect finish.

Project delivery is done in the presence of the installation team and the manager.

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